Poster Designs – Lil Jon “Crunk Rock”


I had previously designed a image for Lil Jon who is an American rapper/producer back in 2008 which can be viewed here. Two years later they asked me to design promotional items for his up coming Album “Crunk Rock” and I was more than happy to design them. Because it was a big task and they wanted mock up’s in a day I asked my classmate Jon Cleave who is also a Graphic Designer to collaborate with me on this project as I feel that he has strong ideas and is committed to a task you can view his blog here. ( )

The best thing I liked about this project is that I got to design for a artist that Im a fan of which made me more involved and wanted to do well. They provided me and Jon with images to work with so we can design the items and so on. This was the first time I worked professionally with somebody on a project outside of University and it was good practise.

Below are the following items that got approved by Lil Jon to be used to promote ” Crunk Rock” which can be bought on iTunes and all you good record stores

Lil Jon Poster

Click image above for Jon Cleave’s blog

Sticker 1

Sticker 2

Sticker 3

© 2010 Copyright Universal Republic. All Rights Reserved.

Following this project Universal Republic asked me to design promotional items for the artist “Kevin Rudolf” so look out for them real soon!


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