Igniter & Detox – Logo

Igniter & Detox are a artists from UK, in late 2009, they opened a Show for Keri Hilson at Newz Bar, Liverpool.
They are a upcoming artists in the UK music scene and they asked me to design a logo for them. They wanted something that was memorable and not to complex around “iD”.

These are the inital logos that i made using Illustrator CS4. They are varied to give my client a wide choice. The circled logo is the one they liked and they asked me to develop that on further.

I played around with the fingerprint idea because it connected with the whole “iD” theme they was going for. With these logos i tried to integrate the fingerprint with the type “Igniter & Detox”. I worked out the type was more visible when it was placed on top of the fingerprint not below it like the first logo.

The above logo is the one they initially picked to use for there branding and promotional material but there managent team said it was kind of like the Nike “iD” logo so they asked me to redesign a whole new logo.

My client asked me to re-design the logo with a flame so it associates with the brand name “Igniter & Detox. Above are the various ideas i came up with. On the first set of logos i tried to see how i can integrate the the name “Igniter  & Detox” and i came up with the idea of a crossword design. The circled logo is the one they picked.

Above I looked at where its best to place the flame. The log on the top left hand corner is ment to be like a a oil rig because of the flame right on the edge. In the end they picked the circled logo.

This is the final logo. I aligned the “Igniter & Detox” so it sits nicely in the rectangle box. I have also aligned the “&” on the same line as detox so its all formatted. Instead of a white splash i changed it to black so it breaks apart the black box because it was to dominate.


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