“Black Jack”

This illustration is for my portfolio . I wanted to make something in a style that I have never done before to widen my skills because its important to have a wide range of techniques . It also shows prospective clients that you are capable of more than one thing.

I had the idea in my head of doing something that is very bold and striking to look at so I thought the idea of a skull that is wearing a top hat. At the time I was thinking of this I was playing cards and thats where I got the idea of adding the element of “playing cards”.

I divided the illustration into three parts.
1. Top Hat
2. Skull
3. Type saying “Black Jack

Below is the image of the skull that I drew out on paper. I didn’t put much thought into I just drew what i was picturing in my head.

Skull Illustration  Copyright – Kudzai Dyiramununda 2010

Hat Illustration – Copyright – Kudzai Dyiramununda 2010

I choose to use the spade because out of all the suits it visually stands for me. Thats where i got the title “Black Jack”

A gothic typeface was most suitable for my idea so I customised one to fit my idea.

After  I  scanned in my images I used illustrator CS4 to vector the drawings so i can join them up. I wanted the artwork to be one single vector so i used the pathfinder tool in illustrator to achieve this because when it comes screen printing and digital printing there would be no flaws.

Below is the finished illustration. It toke me 3 days to complete the whole image thats including drawing and editing in Illustrator which was the most time consuming bit.. All in all im pleased with the outcome and I have thought about making prints and t-shirts to release on a later date.

Copyright – Kudzai Dyiramununda 2010


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