Visual Systems “Hierarchy” – Barbican Art Gallery

This is the first University project I have completed since i started in October. The brief was  “to give you the opportunity to practice and develop your skills of visualising information and to be able to structure complex information in a systematic and considered way. We was given text and images from the Barbican Art Gallery and we was asked to redesign it in a systimatic way that has a meaning behind it.

Below are the following things we had to consider when we was redesigning the leaflet.

  • How do you want the reader to read – continuously, softly, loudly, in sections?
  • How will you sequence the design – do they have to remember it?
  • How accessible is the information – readability, legibility?
  • How do you want them to navigate the page/s?
  • How do you manipulate the elements of typography to capture your readers?

I approached the task by analyzing the Barbican Art Gallery booklet and looked at what worked and what didn’t i came up with the results below.

My idea was to create a system that is minimalistic and very simple to understand. The most important information I used a spot colour to make it stand out from everything else and stylised it bold. As you can see the main body text is all in a single column that is central to the page. This theme runs out through out all the pages because they are ment to work by themselves and as one.

Design and Structure Copyright: Kudzai Dyirakumunda
Text Copyright : Barbican Art Gallery


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