Visualising Data – Boroughs of London Crime Figures – Evaluation

This post is the continuation of the Visualising Data – Boroughs of London post which can be seen if you clicked HERE.

Continuing from the last post I scrapped the whole idea of having the inner circle able to spin because it confused people and i thought that the beauty of it would be lost if i kept it. Below is the final version of the poster with a close up.


I decided to place the circular image on its own because i think it looks better and works better when its by itself. So people are able to read the information in the circular formation I made cards so they can pull out and read it without turning it. See picture below.

Cards i made so people can read the information that is upside down on the poster.

In the middle of the circle I have mapped where different Gangas/Mobs are in London to see if one particular part of the City is high in crime compared to another. I also like the way it adds a point of reference for the whole visual diagram.

Close up view of the mapped data inside the circle of the different gangs in London. They have been colour coded so the person looking at the map can see which area has more gangs. Just below it I have complied a list of the Top5 crime boroughs of 2000 and 2008 and you can see in both list South London comes up three times in each.


The image above is information that will be placed next to the circular data so people can understand why I have created the data diagram. Its also nice to have something to read after looking at the circular diagram that will be next to it.

The purpose of this diagram was to make sense of the crime data that is published by the Met Police in London. The general Public do not have time to sit down and go through hundreds of spreadsheets to actually see if crime has gone up our down. My aim was to create a visual diagram that shows this data in a an unusual way manner but still legible and people are able to make sense of it.

These are the following crimes I choose to represent on my diagram:

  • Violence Against a Person
  • Sexual Offences
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Drugs

I picked these crimes because they affect people on a daily basis so my poster can relate to the general public. Before starting the main design i knew my biggest problem was how im going to show the data because it was a lot of it, The first thing i did was cut down on the different crimes that i was going to represent. The next thing i was worried about was the space. The best solution was to place the main information of the boroughs in a circular formation it gave me space inside and outside of the circle to place information.


This was the best solution I came up with it was not until the end of the design i realised that there was a major flaw in my design. Some of the boroughs are upside down so I had to come up with a solution so they are readable.  I didn’t want to break up the circle so i decided to make cards of all the boroughs so people can just pick up the card and read it.

The main thing I would change/ improve was the application of the end design. I felt that i went for the easiest option of just printing it out on print format. I could have designed it as a flash application. For example  you can use your mouse to scroll the data of the boroughs around and if you click on it it brings up the information so you can read it.

Another good Idea I had was to make the poster a billboard but with a difference. Crime data will be inputed into the system daily and it would change at the end of the week it will display the top 5 crime hot spots in London and any other crime stats. It will be  interactive flash poster.

I enjoyed this project because i was able to design something that I have never done before which broadened by skills.

If you would like to have a copy of the final file feel free to email me at


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