Jessie J – “Who You Are” Release Posters

I was more than excited to work on this project more than any other one because it was for an emerging star Jessie J. I was briefed to design a double sided poster and postcards for her album release on 12th April (USA). I was briefed on 7th of March and they wanted designs the next following day because of the time different it gets pretty hectic handling my University work plus freelancing on the side as well luckily enough I have figured out a way of working that I get both things done in time.

Below is the copy I had to include on the two different posters.

IMAGE: Album cover link below
Jessie J Debut Album Who You Are
Includes the #1 International Smash “Price Tag” feat. B.o.B.
LOGOS: Lava Records / Universal Republic

I didn’t really have any restrictions on this brief but on one side of the poster it has to concentrate on her lips. I also got sent a file of different pictures they want me to work with and see which one works best.

Poster Side A

Above are various ideas I came up with for Side A. I concentrated on then album cover as the main focal point to grab the attention of the viewer looking at it. In total for Side A I sent Universal about 10 different variations to choose from so they have a wide variety. They chose the one in the top right hand corner to choose as Side A, Its the most one that is balanced well the oversized image and the block sans serif typeface used work well.

Below Is the final for Side A that they picked.


Poster Side B

For Side B they asked me to concentrate on the different lip images they sent me of Jessie J including the same copy text they sent me for Side A.

For Side A I placed the various lips around a central image. I could have manipulated the different images of the lips together but I didn’t want to loose the detail within each lip. I also sent them about 10 different variations to look through after that they told me they wanted to scrap the idea of using the lips (ARRRRGGGGH!!). They sent me new pictures to work with and they wanted the different comps the next following day. I remember i didn’t have any sleep that night because I had to hand in my Draft essay for my dissertation ( HARD TIMES ) that day aswell.

These posters are the new ones I had to design. Because the poster is going to be double sided with side b printed on one side , I designed Side A so that it looks different to Side B. Side A looks more lighter and not as dark as Side B. From the different comps I sent them they liked two of them instead of one you can see them below.

Side A Final’s

These are the two final posters they choose after some alterations of the text and layout. My favourite one has to be the first one because of the Jessie J logo I redesigned to give it that “glass look”. It works really well with the full bleed image and text placed on the fotter of the poster.

Close up of the glass logo design.

When Im working with posters and text I have released that they both have to connect and compliment each other so it looks like one uniformed piece of work rather than two different items and also get the message across.



2 Responses to “Jessie J – “Who You Are” Release Posters”

  1. 1 April O Brien May 30, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    I Love the second last Poster on the page i was wondering where i could get it?

    • 2 kudzd May 30, 2011 at 4:59 pm

      hey thanks for the comment its appreciated!… either ask the record label or ur lucky to find one in a shop or something the ones i have i need to keep for my portfolio 🙂

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