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Stormtrooper Wood Block Prints

My new print designs a lot of time went into these , get them whilst they are still available !!!

Limited 3 prints of each design
£11.99 inc.P+P


Tuborg Beer Packaging

This is a response to a brief set by YCN. You had to create a brand awareness for Tuborg Beer promoting their strapline “LIVE UNLEASHED”.

My idea was a limited edition white beer bottle that you can scribble/draw on that is available at major festivals around the world. People are able to record their memories or things about that particular festival and at the end of the festival they can take it home and keep it as a souvenir. If that particular bottle becomes personnel to a individual they keep it thus reducing waste.



New illustration of Boy King “Tutankhamun” which I drew by hand then vectored using Illustrator CS5

The Force is Strong…

Finally completed the Star Wars Stormtrooper laser engrave project happy with the outcome. Might produce a limited run of ten for purchase….


Each one is numbered on the back to guarantee authenticity and uniqueness.

A Poster about A Poster

This design is a response to a University set brief on my first day back , was asked to illustrate the purpose of a poster. My poster design is illustrating that posters should be visually stimulating even though the subject matter is not yet apparent hence the random triangles and squares. I used them to create to create a vibrant pattern which catch the views attention because poster only have a short amount of time to communicate


Nike Air Force One Illustration

I have been working on this illustration for the past 2 days of the classic Air Force One shoe by Nike.

Final Illustration

Close ups

I went back on this illustration and came up with the final version. I used a graphics tablet to draw the lines on the shoe and the surrounding area. The paint splatters and background where all made on paper using water colours and aryclic paints. The main thing I like is the way the court-side drawing adds depth to the image giving it another perspective.

Beatles : Who’s Who?

Had the idea of completely stripping the faces of each member of the Beatles to the bare minimal without any detail. I left characteristics of each member so that they are still recognizable.  Got the colour scheme from imagery from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

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