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Stormtrooper Wood Block Prints

My new print designs a lot of time went into these , get them whilst they are still available !!!

Limited 3 prints of each design
£11.99 inc.P+P

The Force is Strong…

Finally completed the Star Wars Stormtrooper laser engrave project happy with the outcome. Might produce a limited run of ten for purchase….


Each one is numbered on the back to guarantee authenticity and uniqueness.

Nike Air Force One Illustration

I have been working on this illustration for the past 2 days of the classic Air Force One shoe by Nike.

Final Illustration

Close ups

I went back on this illustration and came up with the final version. I used a graphics tablet to draw the lines on the shoe and the surrounding area. The paint splatters and background where all made on paper using water colours and aryclic paints. The main thing I like is the way the court-side drawing adds depth to the image giving it another perspective.

Star Wars – Imperial Stormtrooper Illustration

Kudzai Dyirakumunda Copyright 2011

My take of a classic Stormtropper helmet from the movie series Star Wars. Overall toke me two days to complete the design including drawing it out on paper and vectoring in illustrator. I will be making silkscreen prints soon so free feel to contact me if interested click here

Black Jack Apparel

Finally got the Black Jack design printed on T-shirts and jumpers. It took a while researching into different printing companies but I made it pictures are below tell me what you think!!!!

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Jessie J Artwork – Universal Republic Records

I was really excited with this project because Jessie J is an up and coming artist from my Home town London. I was asked to produce a drawing of Jessie J’s face and CD sampler artwork.

For the drawings of Jessie J’s face I asked the help of one of my classmates Josh Harker becasue I knew he has strong drawing skills which will be perfect for this. Universal Republic wanted the drawing to be nebulous and focus on the sleek precision of her bob haircut. Josh Harker drew two images that perfectly illustrate these two points that Universal republic wanted to convey.  Below are the illustrations drawn by Josh Harker .

More of Josh Harkers work can be viewed at


The next part of the project was to design CD sampler artwork. They gave me three different images of her and asked me combine two of them the one with paint all over her and the clean studio shoot. Below are the various outcomes I came up with.


Above are the CD sampler artwork i created blending in the two different images. The reason why I chose to use green and pink is that they contrast very well against the black and white images. When i sent over the Images to Universal republic they really liked the Illustrations drawn by Josh Harker and the CD sampler artwork. They choose the last image of the above to be the final design and asked to remove the image of her with paint all over it and edit the paint splatter in her hair and eye. Below is the final cd sampler artwork after the changes.


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UKCCA T-shirt Design

This is a T-shirt design for the UK Centre for Carnival Arts (UKCCA). They have a centre based in Luton for those who may just be discovering carnival, offering new and meaningful ways to explore our fresh and fascinating world of music, movement and Mas. The design is not Official and still belongs to me.

I based the design on a masquerade mask because I like the detail in the stitching and the way they are made. The first thing i did was draw out a mask on paper and then draw a design over it. If you look closey in the detailing you can see elements and things that are involved in a carnival.

Mask illustration.


Finished illustration vectored in Illustrator CS4.

Copyright- Kudzai Dyirakumunda

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