Things that I like….

Packaging by Mind Design for a organic cake company. The illustrations where designed by traditional printing techniques to relate to the organic product in the box works really well and the colour coded labels.


One of the best sports adverts ever!!!

Saw this advert when I went South Africa for the 2012 World Cup. The concept is so good you guess in your mind what it is about then it gets revealed at the end.

The Good German a recent film but I like the way the poster looks like its from the 40’s. Its a homage to the Casablanca film poster look it up!!


Controversial fight but the image is powerful







I absolutey love the way they have mixed old with new.


I like this logo because it was bold and simple which stood out from the shop window. The choice of colour also made it more visible if it was black it would have blended in with the shop. The logo is a sans serif typeface making it less formal.

The main thing that attracted me to this image was the vivid and high contrasting colours for example the flat blue background and the pink face. The image looks like it has been created using various media for example Photoshop or traditional techniques.

I like this image because of the high contrasting colours that are over lapping each other. The expression on the characters face also tells me that this image is meant to be joyful. I think the designer sketched out the design on a piece of paper then refined it using Photoshop.

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